Welcome to WebHosting360°

Now you may be wondering why the name is called Web Hosting 360 right? Sounds weird? That’s what I thought as well in the beginning when I chose this name. But before that let me introduce Myself to you all!!

My name is Pradeep and I will be the Author for this Blog/website. Whatever you want to call it, it’s up to you 🙂
However I will be using either Blog or Website or Site in my posts and don’t get confused. All are ” One and the Same”.

I will publish posts which will help you start your own website, play with it, learn and also make a living out of it.

Now let me clarify why I named this site as Web Hosting 360° and not something else. Well for that I have two reasons.

1) I didn’t get any other names as they were already taken. 🙁

2) I wanted to provide you guys with as much information as possible related to web Hosting and How to Start your website  and how to succeed in that. With this blog I will try to cover everything you need to learn from scratch and until you are successful. ( Don’t forget to share this blog when you become successful 🙂 )


Before you scroll down and start learning, I want you to believe in yourself and make up your mind that you want to be successful. I bet that once you finish off reading this page, you would have learnt a lot of things which you didn’t know before.



What is Web Hosting and How I can start  my own website?

Before explaining you the technical terms, I will explain web hosting in simple language.

Consider you have a Grocery shop of your own or any store for that matter. ( Congrats if you already have one!)

What are the things you will observe, when you see a shop?


1) Obviously The building and a space for your shop in that building right?

2) A name for your store such as ” My Pet Store” etc. ( P.S: I love Pets  )

3) Shutters/Doors to open and close your shop.

4) Groceries or any items which you are selling.

5) Customers moving in and out of the store.

6) Security guard outside and many more things right?

Now you maybe wondering why this guy is again beating around the bush! Well I am not. I will explain you why I gave you a shop example even before explaining about Web Hosting.


Web Hosting is Similar to owning a Shop.

Web Hosting is defined as “Building your Website and making it available for people to view in order to gain information or purchase something online.”


1) You will have a name for your website just like you had a name for your Shop. The only difference is you need to have an extension to your website name. For example, “webhosting360.org”, “google.com”, “example.net” etc.
It can either be .com, .net, .org, .us, .in etc.


2) You will have a space in order to build your website and add content to it such as images, videos and files  to make it more beautiful and appealing to your users.


However the space will not be a land or a building. It will be a virtual space given to you from a server. Now don’t get confused about what is server and what is virtual and all.

Just remember that Server is also a computer/hardware which will give you space to build your site. How will you access your server then? That is through Internet of course 🙂

Virtual is anything which is not physical or real. You can touch your shop or move in and out of your shop as it’s a physical building built with cement and bricks.

However you cannot go and touch your online space as it’s not physical. Simple as that.

If you are a gamer, you can create a website which will allow others to play games online just like you play games such as Online Chess, Cricket or Football.


Now that you have understood what web hosting means, I will explain you a few more things which are very critical and without these, you cannot have an online presence of your business.


1) Domain Name: The name of your website, which is mandatory. You can have a physical shop without a name, however in the online world, you cannot have a website/blog without a name. That is how people identify and access your site. Just like if you need any information, you will go to “www.google.com”.

You have to purchase a Domain name from companies like Godaddy, Namecheap etc. However in order to purchase a domain name properly, please read here: How to Buy a Domain Name?

2) Server Space: Without space, you cannot do anything.It’s like having a name for your Shop without having a physical presence of it. If you want to build your website and add contents, there should be a space for that. You will get your desired space for the amount you pay. To get a bigger space, you pay more and if you are just starting out, you can get lesser space for a lesser rent.

You can buy hosting space

If you have these two things, you can start building your website online.

Below are the other things you can implement to your website. Please note that these are optional and may not be required for some people. However it’s best to learn them all as they are the core factors which will help your website grow.


3) Features of your Server: Just like you have good features in your Phone or PCs like more RAM, Internal memory, Processor Cores, your server will also come with a variety of features to suit all of your requirements.

Remember one thing guys. Server is also a computer similar to the ones you have at your homes. Just that the servers will be so powerful when compared to your normal PCs that they  can easily handle multiple jobs at a time from thousands of users.